Build your first app on BSV

git clone


Want to find out if this course would be helpful for you? Check out this vid.

1. Introducing OP_RETURN and Money Button

Op return = data on the Blockchain
Money button = a way to write op return & send people money

2. How to set up Money Button

Don't have a Money Button yet? This vid will show you how to make one.

3. Demonstrating how Money Button works

This video will explain the Money Button code required to write custom data to the blockchain, and will also show it in action.

4. Retrieve data from BSV blockchain with Neon Planaria

Want to know how to get data off of the BSV blockchain and into your app? Watch this video to find out.

5. Deploy planaria to AWS server over HTTPS

Moneybutton won't work on HTTP and I'm not sure what dependencies are on your computer. This vid solves both problems by showing you how to deploy the code over HTTPS to a domain on AWS.

6. Querying planaria database for display data

This video will help you query the MongoDB database that planaria activates; no prior mongo experience is required.

7.How to format your BSV "database"

I had to restructure my database several times while writing my first app using OP_RETURN. This will probably save you from that hassle.

8. How to associate in-app entities with each other

Want to associate a new entity with your cuurrent submissions? Subscribers, comments, likes, retweets, etc have to be associated with the primary entity. This will help there.

9. Counting on-chain upvotes

This vid will help you figure out how to sift through the duplicate entries generated by planaria so you can get an accurate count of your desired measurement. (likes, retweets, upvotes, etc.)

10. How to use this code for other use cases

Once you can quickly add new entity types, all the world of CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) is open to you! Here's how you can quickly add entites.

11. What kinds of projects might do well on BSV?

Can't think of a use case yet? This might help you, especially if you have industry experience.